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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 9, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours. it's saturday, september 9th. good morning and thanks for joining us. our big story today, is hurricane irma. it's a category 4 storm, but it's expected to get stronger. rick scott updated the public this morning urging people to evacuate. >> the storm's here. hurricane irma is now impacting our state. southeast florida is experiencing tropical storm force winds and nearly 25 thourk people have lost power. >> here's a live look at hollywood beach just north of miami. we're going to have a live report from miami coming up in a few minutes, but first, let's
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check in with francis. she's in for lisa. >> hi, chris. good morning. we've been tracking hurricane irma. i want to take you to this image now over the last few hours, it has just moveded up the northern coast of cuba and as it makes closer lantd fall, it has just dropped to a category level 3. winds still very strong at 125 miles per hour. now, as the system starts to track north over the warm water, it does gain speed again and returns to category level 4. tomorrow morning, it will hit the southwest coast of florida area and the florida keys at about 140 its way north up through monday morning by the north of florida and into tuesday making its way through georgia and atlanta. rainfall amounts range, but we're talking about 10 to 20 imp inches along the southwest coast, even up to 25 inches in isolated areas along the keys and also possible storm surge,
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dangerous as well. 8 to 12 feet along the southwest coast and the southeast coast, 5 the to 10 feet pob. so we'll be continuing tracking hurricane irma for you. >> thank you. in our local headline, new this morning, the chp says highway 4 in pittsburgh was shut down for near ly an hour becaus of a possible shooting. the closure took place overnight near the love ridge road exit. it's unclear if anyone was hurt in the shooting. the highway reopened to traffic around 12:40 this morning. we're waiting if for a callback for further information. also this morning, service police tweeted this picture of a crash that happened on market street near 16th. police say the driver was the only person in the vehicle. taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. in san bruno, today marks seven years since the deadly pg and eric pipeline explosion. eight were killed.
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38 homes destroyed. san bruno police tweeted overnight asking people to observe a moment in somber remembrance. they said our hearts are with the families of those whose lives were tragically lost that day. last year, they were convicted on six felony charng frs violating pipeline safety rules and obstructing an official investigation into the blast. in the south bay, a health square for some may be linked to santa clara county jails. they are now offering vaccinations to staff and inmates. katie has more. >> it's ab infection of the liver and can spread from person to person. they are trying to prevent the spread after two reported cases. >> we discovered one in an inmate and one in a staff person work ng the correctional facility. >> public health has mounted a
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rapid response, especially in light of crime outbreaks in san diego counties. >> they're experiencing an uptick in these cases in homeless or incarcerated people. >> all inmates and employees are being offered a vaccination. the vaccine is one way to prevent infection. >> the virus is spread in stool, so the main ways to prevent it are careful hand washing, particularly if you're serving food or providing care to others. >> is sheriff's office said its first concern is the health of inmates and staff. >> we encourage them to get the shots through hep a and anything else. we also provide staff with bio hazard suit, rubber gloves. gel disinfectant. >> symptoms include fever, stomach pain, nausea and jaundice. they average ten cases a year.
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happening today, there could be a rally in oakland regarding daca, but so far, officials say the organizers have not pull eda permit nor shared a route for a possible march. the city says at 2:00 this morning, a group is planning to rally similar to the plaza similar to this one. oakland promising the police department is prepared to address any criminal behavior. the city did not say how they were notified about the rally, but sent out an e-mail to make people aware of it. st state support is being asked to reconsider its decision to uphold prop 66, a measure to speed up executions. opponents say the power to the judicial branch. justices upheld prop 66, however, the court did not set a a --
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branch has no guidance about how to implement the measure and could be faced with making the rules. . now back to coverage coverage of irma. take a look show iing the powerl winds. irma was downgraded this morning, but cuba's meet logical society reported that irma struck part of the country with wind gusts to strong, is instrument the agency uses to measure the wind was destroyed. a lot of damage is being reported including torn off roofs and downeded trees. a local media in key west, florida are report iing that shelters are packed with hundreds of people and that the rain is coming down in sheets. pet shelters are also filled to the brim as owners who can't care for their dog or cat are dropping them off and some residents are still determined d to ride out the storm. stephanie ramos is live in miami for us with more on this story. good morning.
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>> chris, good morning. here in miami, the skies are gray, is wind start picked up, but it seems as though most people here in south florida have heeded the warnings an have v evacuated or gone to a shelter that's been provided. but a lot of folks, just waiting for this deadly storm to reach the coast. today, hurricane irma is inching closer and closer to south florida with winds of 160 miles an hour. the storm now shifting significantly for the west. the eye of the storm with its sight on the keys in tampa. the national weather service tweeting this is as real as it gets. nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. >> we are running out of time. the storm is almost here. if you are in an evacuation zone, you need to go now. >> more than 5.
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have been asked to evacuate. as time runs out, people are still trying to escape the storm. traffic so bad on three main routes out of south florida sh some abandoned their cars because they've run out of gas. those trying to get out by air finding themselves stuck. lauderdale's airport closed. miami international suspending all flights. those who tried to get in, stranded, busseded to shelters. >> i was trying to find flights and it's been awful. we haven't slept. >> some miami beach residents are counting on their storm resistant structures and are staying put. >> enough food and water. days of electricity and hurricane proof housing, it's brand-new built building. cement. >> here in miami, we're feeling the outer rain bands of irma, which is expected to reach south florida by tomorrow morning.
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>> while there's an effort to get people to evacuate as you been reporting, some are taking their chances and choosing to stay. >> absolutely. and what they've told us is that they're in a sturdy structure that's high enough off the ground where they will be threateneded by that storm surge that's expected to hit south florida. so, they feel confident enough they'll be protected from the wind and the rain that we'll see here in miami. also, we've seen a lot of folks that have chosen to stay here, but have gone to a shelter. we heard from florida's governor saying shelters now. they're hoping to, the state is hoping to open up about 17 more shelters so they can accommodate all of the folks that are trying to find some protection from the storm. >> all right, we appreciate your live report. thank you. >> hurricane irma is causing all sorts of problems for airlines. many have decided the shut down
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operations to florida for the weekend. jet blue canceled 878 flights to and from florida through monday. united airlines has canceled all of its florida flights through the weekend. lonnie has more from sfo. >> this sfo terminal sign has a long list of flight, but everything to and from south florida canceled. this berkeley woman's mother is strand ed in turks and caicos a hurricane irma pounded those islands. >> she just texted she's fine, there's a lot of destruction. trees down. that type of thing. >> jess pick up her sister. he's confident her mother will make it back to boston where she lives. >> she is booked on a flight, but it only works if the airport is open. >> she made it out of miami to sfo on one of the last flights. >> i was lucky. a lot of people in the airports all over the place.
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>> it's been a mad dash out of florida while some california emergency officials landed there to help. pg&e crews from the bay area will help florida power an light with expeblgted outages from the storm. members of the silicon valley air national guard headed to florida most of the unit just returned from texas. helping to save lives after hurricane harvey. >> we're prepared for swift water rescue as well as helicopter rescues. >> the unit plans to stay in florida as long as they're needed. and as florida deals with irma, you can track the latest through the abc 7 news app. download it and it enable push alerts to get the latest information and breaking news sent right to your smart phone. 8:11 is our time. francis is here now and you're tracking the bay area. >> the it's a much easier forecast for us. we are dealing with low clouds and fog now. live shot, east bay hills. but we will have more sunshine
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this afternoon and much warmer temperatures heading our way. >> francis, thank you. mexico, it's still reeling from the 8.1 earthquake that struck the country. the death toll is at 61. but what scientists are crediting for saving many other lives. plus, adding some star power to the relief efforts in houston. the message from
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first respobd nders are in alameda county this weekend practicing how to deal with terrorist attacks and natural disasters. eric thomas got a look yesterday at the training in n pleasonton. >> this was a day for vendors to show off their products. they make mannequins with -- as in a terrorist attack. >> balances, militaries. any emergency service really that require this equipment, we can handle. >> handling disasters is a very important part of what we do. >> mike carroll got to practice those skills working alongside a church group in texas.
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it made for a pea kul yar partnership. >> when i asked more questions in regards to their religion, he told me this we were ku klux kl klanmen. >> back in february, with the help of police from all over northern california, he had to coordinate the hasty evacuation of 188,000 people when the spillway at the orville dam threatened to collapse. >> the training they go through here at urban shield is the foundational elements they use to come in and help our community through a extraordinary period of time. >> critics complain urban shield is all about the military saix of police, but sheriff ahearn who hosts the event says hurricane harvey, the three other storms in the atlantic and earthquake in mexico all show it's not joke. >> it's not a matter of if. it's when so our area and renal region is try iing to get bette
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prepared. several celebrities are using their star power to help victims of hurricane harvey. the biggest star in town is beyonce. she made an appearance at the church where she grew up. melanie lawson from our sister station ktrk was the only reporter allowed inside. far from the explosive concerts and red carpets, this is where beyonce began. >> this church is my home. i was 9 or 10 years old, first time i sat there. and i sang my first solo here. >> st. john's methodist where she learned about giving back. >> as a teenager, she sat on the pew next to homeless people and previously homeless people. >> the pastor say she called him right away when harvey hit. he won't say how much given this time to their non-profit bread of life, but it's been millions
8:18 am
over the years. as for why she's not more visible. >> she's an extremely private person and does a lot. that people never know. because she doesn't always like to, she never likes to bring attention. >> but she did bring family, mother, daughter and fellow destiny's child member, michelle. after hosting a catered dinner and giving out new sneaker, she had a message for evacuees packing the church. >> your children are safe, everything that really matters is your health and children. i just want to say i love you. so thankful to god that i've been blessed and i can bless other people. >> and that was melanie lawson reporting. >> singer janet jackson made a surprise visit to the george r. brown convention center in houston where about 1600 are staying right now. she has a show tonight in houston. she said she's dedicating the
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concert to those affected by hurricane and is donating proceeds to local charities. the tours to the bay area in october with a show at the concord pavilion. all right, we'll continue to track all the hurricanes and activity in the atlantic, but for now, live doppler 7 showing uz low clouds and fog that have pushed in to the east bay valleys. live shot at sfo. 40 minute delays and airports in florida are already closed, some of them or many. san francisco is currently 61 degrees. oakland, 63, mountain view, 67. low 60s right now in gilroy and half moon bay. this time, we'll take you to this pretty shot in walnut creek where we're underneath the low clouds. it's cool in santa rosa, at 59 degrees where they've had fog. more low 0is in novato and low to mid 60s through fairfield, concord and livermore. check out this live shot from
8:20 am
emoryville. san francisco, you can't see it obscured by the low clouds in the distance, so we're dealing with that in the morning hours. even drizzle near the coast. warming up today then hot inland tomorrow. near triple digits, then a chance of showers moves in next week, but not too much rain, i'll tell you about that in a short while. here's the animation. 9:00 this morning. we'll see a lot of low clouds along the coast and notice by the afternoon hour, pretty clear, but the fog has pushed back in along part of the peninsula coast we'll see partly cloudy conditions and tonight, still looking clear. highs today will range from 60s at the coast. half moon bay, 67. partial clearing there. sfds san francisco, 68. oakland, 76. low 90s in some interior valleys like antioch, livermore and 83 in napa. 85 in santa rosa. mid-90s through lakeport.
8:21 am
overnight lows from the 50s to 60s. we'll see fog, not as much as this morning. but you'll see some all along the coast. san francisco, 59. san jose, milder and clearer overnight. 65 degrees. tomorrow, things are heating up. trip digits in some of the warmest areas like fairfield, concord and livermore and along concord and livermore and along the coast, we'll see 70 s. san francisco, 76, low 90s through part of the north bay like santa rosa, 94 check out san jose, that's ramping up. today is warmer and we're near average, but tomorrow, we're going to come up 10 degrees an then temperatures are going to tumble by almost 20 degrees through the midweek, so get ready for that. our forecast animation shows inkrecrease in clouds on monday with a chance of light rain. monday night, possibly into tuesday, we could start off with a wet commute, but not too much
8:22 am
rain. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we have the warming trend that starts today. gorgeous saturday ahead with sunshine for everyone by this afternoon. and the summer heat kicks in tomorrow. but it's just a one day warm up. temperatures will hit near 100 in the inland areas and then increasing clouds monday with a chance of showers and notice temperatures continue to drop all the way into thursday, so enjoy the nice temporary weekend warm up that we have. >> sounds good. thank you. just ahead, a giant cut out of a toddler peers over a steel wall dividing california and mexico. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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the eagle creek fire in oregon has been b burning for about a week evacuations have been expanding. this is the number one fire fighting priority in the nation. more than 33,000 acres have b n burned and the fire is just 7% contained. a 75 mile stretch has 2,000 hazardous trees are removed. investigators believe the fire was started by a teenage boy e using fireworks. nearly 1,000 firefighters are staying at this base camp in hood river, oregon.
8:26 am
they work 12 to 16 hour shifts, then they have maybe eight hours off to clean up, eat and try to sleep. >> sleeping has been the most difficult on this one for sure for me. personally. we're just trying to get little bits of sleep where we can. >> and while at camp, firefighters are served a hot breakfast and dinner and members of a local job corps program pack a lunches for the team. there's also a mobile laundromat. there's a giant toddler peering over a steel wall that divided mexico and the u.s. a french artist who goes by the name jr erected this 65 foot tall cutout photo. it's in the town of -- about 40 miles southeast of san diego. jr says the photo is meant to prompt discussion of immigration. he said the idea came to him in a dream. the photo is expected to remain up for the next month. still to come, concern over
8:27 am
high-rises in miami. how people there are protecting themselves as hurricane irma approaches. and the storm did a lot of damage in the caribbean. how service members from third graders today. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. and p.e. consists of sitting around on mats. hippies. oh, mom, making them eat their favorite snack in the back seat. whatever happened to "eating at the table?"
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that's what cup holders are for.
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good morning. we continue to track hurricane irma. it's expected to make landfall in florida todmorrow. but the state is already
8:30 am
experiencing high winds and power outages. let's get over to francis. she has the latest on the hurricane. as well as delays at sfo. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. the 40-minute delays due to the low cloud creeilings and to irm. over the last few hours, it has drop ped intensity as it moves closer to tensity. it's now a 3 moving around 120 miles an hour. those are the winds tracking west at 9 miles an hour, but what you'll notice as it moves north again over the warm water, it returns to a category level 4. it will hit the south tip of florida. about tomorrow morning at 140 miles per hour. with those kind of winds, it will drive north up through the state of florida, dropping to a category level 3 by monday morning and then moving into georgia for tuesday, rainfall amounts are stunning. we're talking 10 to 20 inches possible. especially down towards the florida keys, isolated amounts
8:31 am
could be up to 25 inches. another big concern is the possible storm surge. alo along the southwest coast of florida, 8 to 12 feet possible and a long the east west rather east southeast coast of florida, 5 to 10 feet. so very dangerous conditions. >> lots of information to process. thank you. hurricane irma's outer tips are bringing heavy rain to the miami area. local media is also reporting that tornado warnings have been b issued for parts of miami-dade county. shelters for both humans and pet are said to be packed. strong winds are also affecting the area. the eye of irma will hit tampa tomorrow and florida's governor is warning residents than tha the predicted storm surge of 12 feet quote cover your house. another cause for concern in miami. the high-rises, there's a lot of construction going on in the downtown area. tom yams has more on how people are protecting themselves.
8:32 am
>> this morning, miami's towering skyline causing some concern. as hurricane irma is expected to strike florida in less than 24 hours. >> those are big targets out there. >> again, we're going to lose buildings that are going to have to be repaired. but i don't think buildings are going to collapse. >> 20 to 25 massive building cranessecure. those living near them told to evacuate. developers and builders abc news spoke with telling us the towers in downtown miami will hold up, but that high-rises could sway, some up to 12 impbls. >> i think it will be more dramatic for people who are higher up, but i expect to feel some here. >> being in a high-rise, you're less likely to get hit by debris on the ground, but high up, 50 floors like we are now, but the wind up here is much more powerful. this south beach resident is riding out the storm in his 21st
8:33 am
first floor condo. >> if it gets to crazy, i got into the elevator shaft of the building which is like a fortress. in fairfield, a big plane is doing it part for the hurricane relief efforts. the it's the c-17 globe with a capability to 585 pounds. the globe master provides options not normally available on normal aircraft. >> we can do air and medical evacuations. we can simply a bunch of stuff and we have a small footprint so we can land on dirt strip, on some stuff that a lot of other larger planes don't have the capability to do. >> and right now, the c-17 globe master is stationed in the caribbean. a crew of 23 from travis including two critical care air transport teams and a ten-bed
8:34 am
staging pfacility team are delivering muff needed relief to hurricane victims. you can follow the latest on hurricane irma through the abc 7 news app. we'll send breaking news to your smart phone. in his weekly address, president trump praised first responders to hurricanes harvey and irma and promoted tax reform. the president and first lady made a trip to texas to greet some of the victims of harvey. this week, he made a deal with democrats to make sure those victims got the aid they needed. mr. trump also visited north dakota to stump for tax reform, promising to streamline the process. >> we're going to make filing taxes as simple as possible. if you're like most americans under our plan, you will file your taxes on a single page. what a difference that will make. and you won't need to keep endless receipts and paperwork. >> the president added despite the creation of 1.6 million jobs since january, tax reform is
8:35 am
still needed to make the economy take off. zblncht this weekend, a convoy of trucks will leave for texas with supplies for harvey victims and a charity will focus next on gathering what's needed following the disasters in florida and mexico. leslie brinkley tells us more. >> boxes and boxes of medical supplies to sort through in san lan dro. they usually handle things like surgical masks, but what is needed now is different. disaster relief personnel in texas are begging for personal hygiene items for evacuees and those who were rescued, things they didn't have time to bring with them, like shampoo, diapers and toothbrushes. >> to have hurricane harvey followed by irma, we're watching hurricane jose. and as you mentioned, 8.0 earthquake last night in mexico city, feels very unprecedenteded and is challenging the
8:36 am
organization and thanks to supporters for the challenge. >> trucks will rl down to o o o they hope to get more baby supply and personal care donations next week to get a convoy going to florida and with the mexico earthquake, medicine share is gearing up to send canes, walkers and cheel wheelchairs. >> joust got the call they were having a special session to come in and help just for the harvey. so, i came in with my neighbor. >> if you have supplies to donate, they say collect them over the weekend. and then drop them at their warehouse starting next monday. leslie brinkley, ab 7. new details on another natural disaster, the death toll from thursday's massive quake has gone up. the scientists say that number
8:37 am
could have been much worse had it not been for mexico's early warning system. something the u.s. doesn't have. seismologists at the usgs as well as uc berkeley are working together to develop one for california. >> we're hopeful in the next year or two, it's going to become much more widespread. as the m is is tested more thoroughly. >> budget cuts proposed by the trurp administration would have eliminated the before it was developed, but in july, they voted to continue its funding. and more trouble for mexico. a tropical storm is drenching the east central portion of the country. mexico might have dodged a bullet. it was a category 1 hurricane when it made landfall. it's bringing winds of 31 miles an hour to the region. time now is 8:37. equifax blames a website
8:38 am
application vulnerability for a cyber attack that exposed the personal information of 143 million americans. the data includes nape, social security number, birth dates an much more. equifax asked people to see if if they're affected then sign up for a free credit monitoring service online, but there appeared to be b a catch in the fine print saying anyone who signs up cannot sue them. they released a statement saying the class action waiver does not apply to this cybersecurity incident. for more about the attack or to find out what you need to do, head to our website and click on 7 on your side. still ahead, thieves busted in the east bay, how a victim helped detectives arrest suspects on a golf course, but first as we head to break, here's a live look outside this morning at the san francisco skyline. you can see the clouds out there, that full cover. we'll get a check of the full flaft and find out when this
8:39 am
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♪ schoolin' your sister on why...and just how to be cool ♪ cool if she hangs, you can show her what's go♪d ♪ good goes around...and around...and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around ♪ concord police arrested two men at the diablo creek golf course for trying to sell stolen property. officers sent us this picture of a generator, the victim saw his stolen property advertised on social media. police told him to set up a meeting with the suspects. officers recognized them because
8:42 am
of their long criminal records. the two were connected to a commercial burglary that occurred in concord. more than $800,000 in grant money has been award at zucke z zuckerberg general hospital. the funds were distributed through the hospital's hearts grants program. it includes mobile comfort cares program. it helps bring comfort to patients in their last days or hours of life. since 2004, the program has funded nearly 500 grants totalling almost $12 million. francis dinglasan is here and you've been tracking the forecast here and possible triple digits tomorrow. >> yeah, the heat upstarts today. we're minor heat up today. tomorrow is when we see the triple digits an right now, we are dealing with low clouds and fog near the coast and possible
8:43 am
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in sports, a full slate of college football today. san jose state is in austin to take on the long ho kickoff is at 12:30 p.m. and tonight, stanford battles usc. kickoff at 5:30 at the l.a.
8:46 am
memorial coliseum. today's a's game will benefit victims of hurricane harvey. good morning. the a's, donating $1 from every ticket sold towards the harvey relief effort. houston fans showing support, 12,288 tickets sold last night. tom five former a reddick tomhaubs that one. 7-3 astros. bottom seven, marcus. see you. third career grand slam ties it at 7. top nine, two outs. reddick rips one down the right field line. joyce corals it. 8-7, astros, bottom nine. boo powell. see you. got to love these a's. marcus now on second base. jed rips one to center. ball's misplayed.
8:47 am
going to score from second, just fifth kai roar walk off. they win 9-8 and there's the post winning game winning pie in the face. giants and white sox in chicago. interleague play brings out all kinds pablo, over 39. it's gone. three-run homer. streak is over. 3-0 g-men. top nine. span keeps it going. deep and gone for his 11th of the year. giants take aim. the white sox are the worst team in the american league. 9-2 your final. a rare occurrence during the phillies and nats. soft liner to center. cabrera misjudges. everyone's on the run. cabrera thot hustling, but taylor is.
8:48 am
catcher can't handle the relay. inside the park grand slam for taylor. and taylor was the last outfielder to allow an inside the park grand slam. nats win it 11-10. we're down to the final four. u.s. open. semis last night where kevin anderson outside the top seed. pablo to grab one spot while nadal and del potro batted for the other. tiger woods in the house rocking the raiders pull over. del potro came out fire ng the first set. winner frs the first set catching nadal off guard. rafa steadied himself. taking the second set 6-0. del potro just needed to run out of gas. as many do against the heavy ground strokes of nadal an his condition. better than anyone on tour and rafa is going to win in four sets. his 15th straight victory since del potro beat him in 2009. that's the way the ball bounces. have a great day .
8:49 am
good morning. live doppler 7 and satellite image once again, low clouds, morning fog spilling into the bay. rig now, trans america tower is obscured. temperatures in the 60s. schwarzenegg 61. san jose, 66. low 60s as well. gilroy and in half moon bay. and i want to show you another live shot. in walnut creek, so, we can see some of the ihills there, but w are under low clouds. more 60s in santa rosa, where fog was reported. na napa, 61. fairfield, 63. concord, 64 degrees. ad this time, we're looking at the east bay hills, we are above some of those low clouds, so we're going to deal with the fog and even drizzle during the morning hour but, we'll be warming up slightly today. and then get ready for some hot temperatures inland tomorrow. chance of showers tom comes to
8:50 am
the bay area early next week check out how the cloud cover plays out today by 9:00 this morning, it will start to bull back and by noon, lot of clearing and the cloud start to pull in again towards the coast, by this afternoon, but if you have plans to go out this evening, should be clear for the most part and a comfortable night. highs today will range from partly cloudy conditions at the coast. san francisco, 68, we'll see some low 80s in san rafael and napa. plenty of sunshine in the interior valleys and around the bay. oakland, 76 degrees. san jose, 83. low 90s in fairfield, antioch and livermore. also, for those of you headed to the mountain view art and wine festivals today and tomorrow, temperatures will range from 68 degrees to 79 this afternoon. now, tomorrow, we're going to really climb up in terms of temperatures. 10:00 tomorrow, 76.
8:51 am
warmer and sunny. hitting 87 in the afternoon. so, afternoon highs for the bay area, for sunday, we'll see triple digits inland. fairfield, concord, antioch and livermore. near 100. san francisco, 76, half moon bay, 75. lots of 80s, hayward at 88 degrees. tomorrow, get ready for oakland pride. it starts at 10:30 a.m. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. temperatures will be climbing up to the mid-80s. here's a look at the next seven days in livermore. above average today, but notice we'll jump up 10 degrees for tomorrow then temperatures will tumble into the 70s, through thursday. and that's because we have some changes in the weather pattern. on monday, we'll see increasing clouds with a chance of some light range and some showers. coming in from the south monday night then spreading north overnight tuesday. tuesday morning, we could see some light rain for the morning
8:52 am
commute and showers may continue throughout the day, here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. warming trend starts today, summer heat tomorrow, near triple digits inland, even 70s at the coast, then we have those chance of showers monday into tuesday. and then onshore flow increases and temperatures tumble by as much as 20 degrees from sunday into thursday. >> of course, glad to have you here to track all this for us. >> yes, we're tracking everything including hurricane irma. happening today, a gun buy event. authorities say ta look at t as a way of trentenning the community. this is video from a previous buyback. police are only there to buy back the firearm a, not if question anyone about where or why they got the guns in the first place. it begins at 9:00 this morpg in the parking lot. coming up, all things chocolate in san francisco.
8:53 am
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welcome back. here with the winning numbers from last night's drawing. 45 a, 14, 26, 73 and the meganumber 14. no one picked all six, to tuesday's jackpot goes up to $76 million. the 4th annual art and wine festival kicks off today. there will p activities tlrt
8:56 am
who for the whole family. the fun begins at 11:00 on castro street. happening today, if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to consider indulging in a san francisco tradition. ghirardelli is kicking off its 22nd annual festival this weekend. you'll have a the world famous chocolate and stuff, too. >> there are samples along beach street. with over 35 vendors. cookies, brownies, popcorn, cheese. you'll see it all. >> it runs today and tomorrow from noon to 5:00 p.m. tickets are available on the ghirardelli website and organizers benefit project open open hand. it's going tok packed. >> and yes and for all the things you want to do today, we have nice weather. temperatures are in the 60s.
8:57 am
61 to 69 in presentwood. by this afternoon, 68 in san francisco. and some of the inland areas will hit the low 90s. 76 in oakland for pixar's playground bill. dan will be there and 83 degrees in san jose. lots of changes in the forecast. summer heat tomorrow, temperatures coming up by as much as 10 degrees for sunday and then the chance of rain and showers on monday into tuesday. >> thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. for next at 9:00, the bear cats face michigan in the big house. 12:30, pittsburgh takes on penn state. that's followed by college football scoreboard at 3:30. then at 4:30, oklahoma battles ohio state and you won't want to miss street after the game. the news continues online. our next newscast is at 11:00
8:58 am
p.m. see you then.
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